Some questions come up a lot, so I thought I would answer them in advance and save you an email/tweet.

Two novels! Deux. That’s basically an oeuvre if you don’t Google what “oeuvre” means.THE FIELD GUIDE TO THE NORTH AMERICAN TEENAGER  and CHARMING AS A VERB by Balzer + Bray/ HarperCollins are both out right now!

They are both available on Amazon, HarperCollins, and everywhere else you can order books while wearing sweatpants… But hey, your favorite local indy bookstore could probably use the sales! Make more people happy with the same purchase that way.

You should buy yourself a copy. And another copy for someone you love. And maybe even a third one for someone you hate; start building that bridge back with a gift, y’know?

I do! I’m at WME with Sabrina Taitz & Erin Malone for all my book stuff and my Manager is Jordan Cerf. Another basket of human phoenixes. I’ve been very lucky on that front. (Jordan is not scary but I am scared of Jordan… Hi, Jor!)
Born in Haiti, raised in Montreal, QC, defected to America for college. Four different types of Visa later, I’m still here.
Gah, these are impossible questions! Ask me every day for a week and you’ll probably get seven different answers. (Although, Gilmore Girls might come up twice.)

Today, hm, Book: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, Movie: Catch Me If You Can (2002, Spielberg), TV: Succession me, bro (HBO).

No, I’ve hung up my ghostwriting cap. Hopefully for good.
Lol, no.

…What? This stuff takes A LOT of time. Finding readers you trust and who will set time aside to be thoughtful about your in-progress work is crucial and very rewarding… I’m all for it! (It just can’t be me. 😬)

“Nobody needs to see this story that’s in your head. Nobody asked for it. For most of your first readers — classmates, potential agents, underpaid slush pile readers — it will be work. So, it’s only polite to make this unnecessary, unsolicited thing interesting.”
Beauty and the Beast. I really wanted my furniture to come alive as a kid? (Why, yes: I am an only child.) But not the toys like Toy Story; that’s lame. Armoires, davenports, and stuff.

Now, when we meet you’ll say “You’re taller in person!” but that’s just because everyone who is 5’9” lies and rounds it up to 5’10”. I’m owning being the most average height possible.

Err, probably a little. “Loosely inspired by”? Sorry! Or, you’re welcome. Whichever answer you were looking for.