Few writers make it through their early twenties without trying to make a career covering television and film. I’ve been lucky enough to write about some of my favorite (and least favorite) things in media for some pretty cool sites. There are also some short stories in there because MFA.

Miscellaneous Fiction

Letter to a Future Son from a Meek Son
"Oh, don’t worry—I assume I’ll still be around, but, well, in truth, I might have moved on to other things by then."
Next Time, Email
"'It’ll be too weird otherwise,' she says. 'Me getting married and you not being there.' It feels both genuine and the possible set-up to a cruel joke."
So The Pretty Roommate Dies
"It happens. People die and their rent checks bounce."
The Doorman
"Man and Wife exited the elevator in high sprits, their future freshly reinvigorated."

The Observer – TV Column

All the Men of ‘Gilmore Girls’ Were Fuckbois
Our hopes that the slate of love interests will be wiped clean are fading fast. Why do I hope for this, you ask? Because looking back, almost every last boyfriend/love interest/B-plot male suitor featured on our beloved Gilmore Girls was, simply put, a fuckboi.
Did ‘Girls’ Finally Write Its ‘Defense of Marnie Michaels’ Episode?
For many, Marnie is the worst character on HBO’s Girls. On a show that features Hannah Horvath and queen of wanton chaos Jessa, that distinction is no small feat.
GAME OF THRONES – Season 6 Coverage
Episodes 6x01 to 6x10, Season Recap; co-authored with Vinnie Mancuso
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Premiere: A Westworld Reenactment of Stars Hollow
The first half of the opening entry of the heavily marketed, aggressively-demanded Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life series feels like a Westworld reenactment of the Stars Hollow we once knew.
The Improbably Horrible Life of Meredith Grey
Twelve years in, and multiple terminated contracts later, the show’s one constant has been Ellen Pompeo’s titular character of Meredith Grey. To put it lightly, Meredith has seen some s#!t.
Woman of Steel: Season 4 of ‘House of Cards’ Belongs to Claire Underwood
Many were ready to track House of Cards’ slow decline into tacky, high-production melodrama. Instead, we saw its glorious rise back into the high-production melodrama it was always meant to be.
‘Girls’ Skirts Close to Self-Parody in ‘Homeward Bound’
What happened? Kind of a lot. Was it a good episode? Um… Was it a bad episode? Idem. ‘Homeward Bound’ was in many ways, Girls at its Girls-iest complete with moments of insight amidst whacky antics.
‘Riverdale’ Recap 1×06: Archie Andrews Remains Un-Murdered
One of the weirdest wrinkles of this show is the intensity of literally every parental figure in town with the exceptions of Veronica’s mother and Archie’s father.

BuzzFeed – Culture

In Defense Of Ghosting
In the low-expectation world of online dating, do we really owe anyone more than just a swipe?

The Guardian, US – TV

Game of Thrones to Gossip Girl: fan theories better than series' real plots
The avid viewers of TV’s most ardently watched shows outdid scriptwriters with alternate story lines that made more sense where the real show lost the plot. Warning: spoilers ahead...

Thrillist – Entertainment

5 Times 'Game of Thrones' Fans Swore Off The Show
HBO's Game of Thrones is a deeply engrossing show, with more characters than there are US Representatives and a mythology that makes even its guidebooks interesting reads. It's also an impossibly grueling show that takes a grotesque amount of pleasure in pushing its own fans to swear off watching for good.
Did SCANDAL Wait Too Long to Get Truly Scandalous?
Despite its procedural format, the show is ultimately a romance with toppings. Beyond Olivia and Fitz, the rest is basically just terror cell-flavored garnish. For four years, their push and pull has rattled Tumblr with every kiss and declaration of "impossible love."
Everything We Know About Season 6 of GAME OF THRONES
Did Jon Snow really die? Will Melisandre resurrect him? And what the eff is up with Bran? These are the questions. Here are a few answers, plus a whole bunch of other junk we couldn't figure out how to add to the intro.
How To Ghost Without Being a Total Douche
Never has doing absolutely nothing been as problematic as it is in the act of ghosting. And yet, this maligned behavior (or lack thereof) -- defined as the cutting off of all contact with someone you are seeing -- has nevertheless become common practice.
It's Time to Kill These Ridiculous Modern-Male Archetypes
What follows are five such archetypes that have long outlived their existence -- if, in fact, they were ever real in the first place. It's time to retire these overdone labels.
Movies You'll Never Believe Were Based on Books
You know this about your Hunger Games and your 007s, but many of the industry's ideas started on the bound page, even when it doesn't seem possible. Here are a few book-to-film adaptations that might surprise you.
The Republican Candidates, Paired With Their 'Game of Thrones' Equivalents
Game of Thrones is gripping viewers with the idea that there may not be a single good guy left in play. The 2016 presidential race has latched onto a similar kind of "dreadtainment," minus the dragons (so far!)
The Wildest 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theories Still In Play
While enduring George R.R. Martin's agonizingly slow writing pace, obsessive fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series have scoured the books' extensive mythology for clues on how the saga might play out.
Which GAME OF THRONES Characters Are Still Alive?
Looking ahead to the show's Season 6 premiere on April 24th, we've put together a nifty guide to where all the confirmed and probably living favorites might be found, and in what state we last saw them.


'Game of Thrones'' Season 6 Morality Alignment
With the White Wakers finally making noticeable waves up north, a religious uprising in King’s Landing, and Slaver’s Bay as unstable as ever, though decisions are ahead for nearly every character in Westeros and Essos. How will their moral compasses fare?
6 Supposedly Likable TV Characters Real Humans Reflexively Root Against
Self-obsessed, smug, mean-spirited, and angry, these characters drive the plot forward and normal people up that wall. There’s plenty to dislike out there, but these characters are the worst of the bunch.
Marnie, Alex Vause, and the Other 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriends' of Television
The CW musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a much-needed deconstruction of a stereotype that holds women’s basic human emotionality against them.
Why Melisandre Will Be the Most Important Character of Season 6 of 'Game of Thrones'
After years of throwing her weight behind Stannis Baratheon, the perpetually-disrobing priestess effectively ran for the hills when she realized that there was no victory to be seen for Stannis in the flames.

A.V. Club

Scandal’s Abortion Made the Show Actually Political
This was a shocking moment for a show that already took subtlety behind the shed years ago. At the height of #StandWithPP, the boldness of the choice earned both praise and criticism from the press and social media.
Why Sansa Stark Deserves the Throne
In season five, Sansa’s stock has sharply risen and her sights are now set on the position of Wardeness Of The North, the first non-queenly position of political power hinted at being achievable for a woman in Westeros.


5 Hollywood
They've had some hurdles but we're still rooting for these crazy gorgeous millionaires who just can't seem to catch the break they want.
6 Signs That You're In An Emotionally Toxic Relationship With Your Favorite Barista
Harmless flirting? Just a friendly face to start your day? THINK AGAIN.
Anatomy Of A Short Story Cover Letter
How your heartfelt 'Submittable' cover letter will actually be read!
How Great Writers ACTUALLY Spend Their Time At The Computer
Find out what "I've Been Writing All Morning" really means.


What Breaking Up With My Best Friend Taught Me About Male Friendship
Two months ago, at the ripe-ish age of 27, I experienced my first "bro" breakup. My (now former) roommate and (equally former) close friend and I parted ways permanently and acrimoniously. Cops were involved.

Vanity Fair

How Game of Thrones Failed Missandei
The only black woman in Westeros saw her arc come to a sorry end in “The Last of the Starks.”
Missandei, Grey Worm, and GOT’s Racial Blind Spot
The series is finally showing some self-awareness about its black characters—but that doesn’t lessen the sting of how they’ve been sidelined.
Olivia Pope Isn’t a Hero—And That’s Been Scandal’s Point All Along
In the end, we may not remember the gruesome torture scenes but viewers will certainly remember Scandal’s signature shutter-flicking cutaways and the sight of Olivia Pope storming into a room, immediately rendering everyone there powerless.