SURE, I’LL BE YOUR BLACK FRIEND Summer 2021 Interviews

SURE, I’LL BE YOUR BLACK FRIEND Summer 2021 Interviews

This book, ha. I’m sure one day I’ll write a book about the release of this book — or, at least a long thinkpiece — but for now, what more is there to say? I still really love it! 😁

I’m very proud of it and wouldn’t change a word. I sure talked about it a whole lot these past few months. Take a listen/read if you’re interested.


‘Culturally Relevant With David Chen’ 🎙

What Book Hooked You?’ with Brock Shelley 🎙


(LA Times Today) Video Interview 📺

(LA Times) ‘How Floyd’s death gave Bite To A Book’ ✊🏾

(Electric Literature) ‘On Being The Black Friend with Greg Marshall’💡

YA Podcast Season

YA Podcast Season

CHARMING being out means new opportunities to hear my delightful — delightful — voice that definitely does not sound like a foreign chipmunk with three accents wrestling for supremacy. Jewel and Brock are both amazing with huge catalogs of interviews out, so check them out.

So Booking Cool!

Also available on YouTube. Woohoo — cross-platform, baby!

What Book Hooked You?

I stand by that author photo.