I Wrote A Thing That Won A Thing

I’m happy to share that an hour-long pilot I wrote won this year’s Bluecat screenwriting competition… Fun!

The best philosophy for contests I’ve found is to occasionally throw a script into the mayhem and put it out of your mind. Once you make it to the finalists, it’s a lot more ‘lottery of sensibilities’ than ‘career strategy,’ honestly.

Bluecat is a great contest, run by very involved people and their readers give thoughtful feedback, so that alone was worth the entry fee here. The other winners and finalists are also crazy strong writers from what I’ve read.

…And no, they didn’t ask me to write this. My 56 clicks per month according to WordPress couldn’t sell the lint off a Casper mattress.

Anywho, here’s the Pitch Deck of the project since people have emailed me to ask the premise. (What? I like putting together PowerPoints. Don’t shame me for it… It’s better than being really into Crossfit or something.)