CHARMING AS A VERB is out today!

CHARMING AS A VERB is out today!
Art by the extraordinary cover designer Steffi Walthall

What can I say? I hope you enjoy it! Books take a while to come out so I’ve had time to process this once since finishing it. I don’t know if I have much of an eloquent statement in me… I really like these characters? Halti, Corinne, and Ming. Even Marvyn! The whole gang!

(I’m also obsessed with Henri’s hair in that art. I have no idea how to get that hair but that’s it. That’s what I want, dang it. )

“Wait, wasn’t it supposed to be out in September?”

Don’t worry about it.

“No, really I got a copy in September. I mean, the printing was weird but–“


Anyway, where was I? Yes, CHARMING AS A VERB. You should buy it. I don’t want to politicize this space but I very much champion your right to buy a copy of my book — or even several. Go absolutely off. Did someone say a crate? I heard crate.