CHARMING AS A VERB is out today!

CHARMING AS A VERB is out today!
Art by the extraordinary cover designer Steffi Walthall

What can I say? I hope you enjoy it! Books take a while to come out so I’ve had time to process this once since finishing it. I don’t know if I have much of an eloquent statement in me… I really like these characters? Halti, Corinne, and Ming. Even Marvyn! The whole gang!

(I’m also obsessed with Henri’s hair in that art. I have no idea how to get that hair but that’s it. That’s what I want, dang it. )

“Wait, wasn’t it supposed to be out in September?”

Don’t worry about it.

“No, really I got a copy in September. I mean, the printing was weird but–“


Anyway, where was I? Yes, CHARMING AS A VERB. You should buy it. I don’t want to politicize this space but I very much champion your right to buy a copy of my book — or even several. Go absolutely off. Did someone say a crate? I heard crate.

YA Podcast Season

YA Podcast Season

CHARMING being out means new opportunities to hear my delightful — delightful — voice that definitely does not sound like a foreign chipmunk with three accents wrestling for supremacy. Jewel and Brock are both amazing with huge catalogs of interviews out, so check them out.

So Booking Cool!

Also available on YouTube. Woohoo — cross-platform, baby!

What Book Hooked You?

I stand by that author photo.